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All runners have 15% discount when booking a room at our trailcenter, Sidsjö Hotel och Konferens. Booking is done by calling them at +46 (0)60-125125

Age limits

16 years for the 22 km race, otherwise no age limits.


Seperate maps with good spots to look at the runners will be published later on.


Of course it is possible to take the bike to the race, you will definitely be admired by the other runners.

Bus transportation

We offer free bus transportation to both race areas, more info can be found here

Change of name or distance

Is done via

Child Care

It is possible for kids between 3 and 8 years of age to spend time in the child care area while the parents are running. There will be different kind of activities depending on the weather. Pre registration required. Cost 100 SEK/childs


Runners choose freely which distance to run, the only exception is an age limit of 16 for the 22 km race.

Main classes will be:
HD 8, HD 10 and HD 12 - 1.0 km + 3 km.
HD 14 and HD 16 - 1.9 km + 5 km.
Senior, U23 and HD45+ - 1.9 km + 22 km

Course marking

Orange flags put densely (5-20m between flags). Blue/yellow icebug bands are sometimes used on tree free sections, at sharp bends and to create running corridors in sensitive nature areas. Sundsvall Trail signs at every trail intersection.

Energy stations

3 on the 22 km course and 2 on the 10 km course. Here you can choose from water, sport drink from Umara, bananas, orange, melon, cinnemon buns och pickles.


Free pizza at the Friday finish area. After the race on Saturday it is possible for runners to eat at the nice seafood restaurant "Restaurang Lörudden". 150 SEK/person (75 kronor for kids <12 years of age). Also possible to buy simple food both days

If you have had enough

Important! Inform the personnel at the race office


Luggage drop of is possible in a big tent close to the finish area. We transport bags/clothes from the start area on Friday and from the 22 km start area on Saturday.

Mandatory equipment

Race bib and timing chip, both recieved at the race office. Trailrunning shoes is definitely prefered.


Everybody that completes one or both races will get a nice wooden medal from Raw Cut Studio

Medical care

First aid kit is available at all energy stations. Educated medical personnel are available at the finish areas.


On Saturday there are very limited area for parking. We recommend that you take one of our buses. If you are 1-2 people in the car, you will have to park a couple of km from the race area and will be transported from there to the race area.


5000 SEK for the winning male and female in the two day summary (1.9 + 22 km). Top 3 in every distance will recieve prices, and moreover many prices will be raffled. Total value of the prices are close to 100 000 SEK.

Race bib

The same race bib is used both days and is recieved at the race office.


Opens January 1st and closes April 30th. Read more here - Registration


- You have to follow the marked course
- You have to follow instructions from race officials
- You have to stop and help other runners if they are injured
- All littering is banned and will result in disqualification
- You compete at your own risk


Can be found here - Schedule.

Shower and toilet

Toilets are available at both start and finish areas. It is possible to get a shower after fridays race, but not after saturdays race


Is done with a timing chip which you wear on your wrist

Travel here

Sundsvall is located in the middle of Sweden, and communication are good both with car, bus and airplane. The race area on Friday is located 15 min outside central Sundsvall and it takes 30 min with bus/car to get to the race area on Saturday.


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